Providing market research for the ethical apparel industry

bigstock-blank-clothing-labels-revised 2We are the business partner for ethical apparel suppliers

Using market research to drive forward “ethical” in the market place.

Are you the innovative fashion designer with a vision to integrate sustainability into your designs? Do you know the demand there is for ethical fashion?

You could be the socially responsible business owner who believes there is more to good business than just making a profit.  Are you finding the growing market for ethical fashion?

Or you could be a supplier of sustainable fashion for the past 20 years thanks to loyal customers but are you reaching the new ethical consumer?

We provide market research to test your product, show you the increase in demand for ethical fashion and help grow your business.

Our syndicated surveys keep costs low whilst giving you robust and reliable data that can help you make tough business decisions confidently. The collaborative model is also used in our social media marketing campaigns to drive forward sustainability in fashion.

What is a syndicated service?

Syndicated surveys allow you to afford a high level survey for a fraction of the cost.  Having a number of our clients buy into the same survey means costs are shared but benefits are multiplied.  You have the opportunity to integrate specific questions you want answers to, help design the whole survey or just buy the valuable insights at the very end.

Marketing partnership

Drawing actionable insights from the market intelligence we own, we can design social media marketing campaigns that are specific to your business. Working in partnership with other similar businesses you can fully exploit the social media platforms that are freely accessible to you and multiply your customer base.

Market intelligence to grow web presence for your ethical brand

Your website is your biggest marketing campaign. It has the potential to engage and retain already interested customers and inform, educate and convert new ones.  As we conduct our surveys we collect data on apparel websites.  What works and what doesn’t for our online shoppers?  Which websites do well and which doesn’t?  With our specialist data we can help optimise your web potential by providing you with actionable insights and helpful campaigns.


For more information on specific services check out our Services 4 ethical businesses page